Friday, March 17, 2017

Bethany and Eclips Go to Florida

Bethany and Eclips Go to Florida

 Dallys and Kalleigh
Mrs Reid’s 3rd grade

 One day, while Bethany and Eclips were taking a walk, Eclips mentioned how much they both wanted to go to Florida.  It would be such an adventure!  Bethany said that she had gotten a job, and soon they might be able to go.  She needed to save money for the travel, hotel, and food.

             A few weeks later, Bethany was acting weird, so Eclips asked “What is going on with you?”
            Bethany then said, “I now have the money for us to go to Florida!”
           Then, Eclips started to freak out like the zombie Apocalypse broke out. 
 So then they drove, drove, drove and drove.  Finally they got to Florida and they found a hotel.  They were starving, so they went to dinner and afterwards, they went to watch the sun set.  The next morning, they took Shiah for a walk on the beach.
When they got back to the hotel, they got their bathing suits on and got into the pool.  After that, they got into their night clothes and went to bed. 

            In the morning, that ate breakfast.  It was a nice, exotic breakfast, with pomegranates, strawberries, blueberries, and pineapples.  It was better than the oats they had every day back home. 
            Later that day, they went on the beach and saw a girl named Calina.  The three of them talked and they said they would meet each other at the exact same place the next day. 
            The next day, Eclips and Bethany went to meet Calina at the same spot at the peer.  They did not see Calina so they decided to go on an adventure and find Calina.

            They went in the woods to find Calina.  They saw a figure and ran after it, but it ran away.  Later they found out it was a scared man.  He said he saw a girl running from a shadow figure. 
            Soon they went home, but they were still worried about Calina.  When they went to bed, both Bethany and Eclipse had the same dream.  She was tied up and there was a note that said, “You have something I want, and I have something you want.”

            The next day they thought about this for hours and hours.  They did not know who or what did this and what did they have that he wanted.  Then it hit them!  The old poor man took her because why would he see her running but not run after the thing?  He probably wanted food because he was poor.  Eclipse and Bethany went to the dock and saw the poor man and Calina.  They gave the poor man some food because he was poor. 

Eclips and Bethany got Calina back and they lived happily ever after.  

Monday, March 13, 2017

QCE is the Best School of All

QCE is the best school of all
For kids who are short and who are tall.
People say the homework is so much fun
From the start, until it’s done.
Sometimes we may have a test
But the teacher always tells us to do our best
It may me be fun, it may be tough
But in every grade we learn new stuff.
Sometimes it feels like the principal is our mother
And all the boys and girls are sister and brother.
We’ll be a school no matter what comes our way
We all did our jobs at the end of the day.

I love you, Queens Creek Elementary
Mrs. Reid

3rd grade

Monday, February 27, 2017

Bethany and Eclips

Bethany and Eclips
Dallys and Kalleigh
3rd grade Mrs Reid

            Bethany and Eclips were best friends.  They did everything together.  They played chess together, hide and seek together, and just about everything else, together. 
            The best friends had a pet named Choome. 

            One day they all went for a walk and came across a park.  The park was filled with kids, but the three of them just played together.  When it started getting dark, the headed back home.  They had dinner and it was good.  After they ate, they went to bed.

 The next morning, they took a trip to the woods.  They saw one panda eating bamboo, and a red panda lying on a tree.  They saw koalas also in the trees and a tiger lying on bamboo.
When it was time for lunch, they ate and then played Hide and Seek for hours.  When it was time for dinner they went to their house to eat.

The next morning, Eclips got up and went for a walk to gather things to eat for breakfast.  When she came back, Bethany woke up and panicked because she did not see Eclips in bed.  She got up and went outside screaming and found Eclips right there in front of her. 

They went back inside together and enjoyed a delicious breakfast.  Then they went and played fetch with Choom.  Later they went to the vet, and found out the Choom was not even a dog!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Troll Hotel Gone Bad
Part II
3rd grade Mrs. Reed

At the new hotel, a bunch of trolls came, but after a couple of years, nobody came to the hotel any more.  Rosey, Twig, Leaf, Ivy, and Daisy still went there all the time.
The hotel had gotten old looking and run-down and nobody went there anymore.  No money was being made and Stone got mad, so Roe, Twig, Ivy, Leaf, and Daisy all started to pay to stay at the hotel, even though they made it.  That made Leaf happy. 
Soon Rose ran out of money, so Twig, Ivy, Leaf, and Daisy paid too.  The owner said not to pay him any more. 
Rose put out flyers and posters all around the town for the hotel.  It was there only chance at saving the hotel. 
While Stone went to a restaurant, the others cleaned the hotel spotless.  They cut the grass and re-stocked all of the food in the pantry.  Pretty much every troll in the town came to stay.
When Stone got back, he was so happy.  Everyone went along with keeping the hotel clean.

Troll Hotel Gone Bad
3rd grade Mrs. Reed

One day, a troll named Rose found a big, tall building that said Troll Hotel.
She saw a blue troll.  His name was Twig.  They talked for a while.  He was the son of the owner.  The owner's name is Stone.  Stone is a red troll.
They all went to their own room in the hotel, but then the hotel made a rumble and a big crumble, and all the lights went out.
Then, three lights turned on.  Stone had a lantern.  Twig had a torch and Rose had a cell phone light.
Stone, Twig and Rose ran out after hearing more crumbling. Things started falling and crashing as they stood in the parking lot.  They saw the whole hotel fall and one table was not damaged at all.
Three little trolls popped out of the table and they were small, little, green trolls.  Their names are Leaf, Ivy, and Daisy.  They were triplets.
Ivy got hurt.  She had a big scratch on her arm.  It was huge!
They called Troll Patrol because she passed out, but she did not die.
She got stitches and was healthy again. 

After that, everyone started a new hotel.  8 weeks later, it was finally finished.  Yay!

Characteristics of Trolls

By, Isabella
3rd grade Mrs. Reid

The Pink Troll is named Rose.  She is nice, sweet, and beautiful.            Her best friend is named Twig.
Twig is an orange Troll.  He is a nice, funny boy.  He is best                      friends with Rose.
Stone is a red troll.  Stone is nice, too.  He is the owner of the                hotel and lets every one in.
                                  The green troll you see, is one of the triplets.  Their names                                         are Leaf, Ivy and Daisy.
Leaf is the youngest triplet and is always silly.
Ivy is the oldest of the triplets and is the most responsible and mature.
Daisy is the middle triplet and she is sweet, loving, and caring. 

Daniella Cinderella Story
Mrs. Reid's Class

Once in a life time, there was a girl named Daniella.  She was okay living with her father.  Then, two years later, when she turned 16 years old, her father thought Daniella needed something more......A MOTHER!!!
When Daniella turned 17, her step-mother kicked her father out of the house.  Daniella became a servant to her step mother, Joanna, and Joanna's two daughters named Maddie and Mya. 
Daniella felt like a princess when her dad had lived at the house but now she felt like a slave. 

Joanna, Maddie and Mya got an invitation to a dance party. Joanna didn't want to go so she sent Maddie and Mya.
Maddie and Mya both know the best dancer in the whole town.  His name is Dominic.  Dominic is also the cutest boy in the town, too, and he was going to the dance.

Maddie and Mya wanted to go so badly but they had nothing to wear.  Then the name they called was.............DANIELLA!!!!!
Maddie said, "Daniella, get my skinny jeans, my sheep skin cover-up, and my red tank top.  Don't forget my square toed boots!"
"Okay," said Daniella.

The next thing you know......"DANIELLA," Mya called. "Can I use some of your clothes, Daniella?" Asked Mya.
"Sure," replied Daniella.
"Can I get your black high heals, white pearl necklace, black dress and makeup?"

"Yes," answered Daniella.
Then off went Maddie and Mya to the Dance.
Maddie and Mya did not know it because they could not see from the end of the line, but Dominic had a greeting booth, where he would bow to the ladies and they would bow to him.

Then, a beautiful girl walked into the party. 
Her name was …..??????

Read PART II to find out what happens next.